Myanmar's official language is Burmese the language of the Bamar majority Speakers language of the Bamar majority Speakers of Burmese and related dialects comprise nearly 80% of the population,
Throughout Myanmar in towns large and small you'll find plenty of Chinese restaurants , including quite a few of the regional specialities that are a world ( well, half of China anyway)
While duty-free shops, department stores, supermarkets and minimarkets in Yangon offer a wide choice of products, both foreign and local with fixed prices,
Myanmar Lacquerware has a very unique style and a long tradition dating back to the 13th Century and existing mainly at Bagan in central Myanmar.
Chinlon is a cane ball composed of wicker-work. Cane or rattan. a wild creeper which grows profusely in many forests of Myanmar is a very resilient fiberous gift of nature
Today she sells and rents clothing for noviciation ceremonies. Prices depend on the elaborateness of the sash, she says, but most are rented rather than bought.

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