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Myanmar's official language is Burmese the language of the Bamar majority Speakers language of the Bamar majority Speakers  of Burmese and related dialects comprise nearly 80% of the population,

Making up another 10% of the population , Making up another 10% of the population are speakers of Tai languages, which include the Shan, Khun, Tai Lu and even a little -known group of Lao living near Payathonzu- descendents of refugees from Lao- siamese wars in teh 19th century, Linguists estimate that there are 107 languages spoken within teh borders of Myanmar.

Travellers will find basic English widely spoken in urban areas and around popular tourist sites such as Bagan, Learning a few words of Burmes will make your travel in Bamar-majority areas much more enjoyable. Travellers who have spent some time in northern Thailand or Laos and learned some of the respective languages will be pleasantly surprised to find that many of these words are understood in the Shan State as well, see the language chapter later in this book for an in-depth look at the Burmese language . 

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