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Throughout Myanmar in towns large and small you'll find plenty of Chinese restaurants , including quite a few of the regional specialities that are a world ( well, half of China anyway)

away from Chinese food found in Western countries , In a run of the mill Chinese restaurant a meal will cost   around K600. In tre chinese fashion you almost invariably get soup with your meal and free Chinese tea. 

Indian restaurants are also common although much more so in Yangon than in otehr towns, Most are run by Muslim INdians a few by Hindus. Excellent chickent dan bauk ( biryani) as well as all you can eat, thli ( banana leaf) vegetarian food is easy to find in the capital . The Burmese call Indian restaurants that serve all you can eat thalis Chitty or Chetty restaurants , There are also Muslim-Chinese restaurants serving Yunnanese specialities, You can recognise Muslim ( halal) restaurantes by the nnumeral 786 over teh door, sometimes flanked by the star and crescent symbol . This number represents the Arabic phrase in the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful.

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